Emilie Autumn


Emilie Autumn is a classically trained violinist that combines her killer strings with metal, industrial, and gothic rock.  As of 2011 the artist has released 6 solo albums with a 7th, titled Fight Like a Girl, on the way.  Emilie has paired up with such notable artists as Courtney Love, Billy Corgan, OTEP and Dethklok from TV’s Metalocalypse, as well as lending her skills to soundtracks for Saw III and IV.

Elements of burlesque, the circus and even a little comedic vaudeville like relife can be seen in Emilie’s Victorian style stage performances.  She is often accompanied by the Bloody Crumpets (as of 2011: Captain Maggot, The Blessed Contessa, The Naughty Veronica and The Lady Aprella) who together tease and tantalize the crowd.  The show embraces the extraordinary and leaves plenty of room for surprise.  When entering the realm of the lovely Emilie Autumn do beware, for your hostesses may treat you to tea and cookies in the most unusual of ways!