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Wintersun Interview - Jukka Koskinen and Teemu Mantysaari

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Let us go back to 2004, shall we?  2004 was the year I was slowly breaking out of my black metal elitist phase.  It was a time when I compared every song and album I heard to Burzum.  Black metal was really my thing back then. I was loving Varg’s raspy screeches, getting arm goosebumps from Dimmu Borgir’s melodies, and finding new ways to insult black metal’s failures, as genre elitists tend to do.

With so many different…  READ MORE »

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J.D. Cronise - The Sword Interview

You know, The Sword and I go way back.  I remember being a really big fan of the Guitar Hero franchise back in the day when I managed a video game store.  My store held tournaments for the game and I quickly became a fan not only for the competition, but for the absolutely amazing choices Harmonix Studios made on which songs to include.  When I first heard “Freya”, by The Sword, I became instantly addicted and went out…  READ MORE »

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Beverly McClellan Interview - The Voice Season 1 Final Four - On Tour with Steve Vai

Musicpix recently gave a call to the lovely and soulful Beverly McClellan.  Beverly was in the final 4 of the first season of NBC’s hit television show, The Voice, and has a new album out titled Fear Nothing. Beverly gave us the pleasure to chat with her about The Voice, her influences, and life on the road with guitar legend Steve Vai.

Musicpix: You’ve played a variety of venues in your career from big to small, how…  READ MORE »

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Katatonia Interview with Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse - New Album Dead End Kings

Musicpix resident physician on all that is rock, Doc Metal, gave a listen to Katatonia’s latest album Dead End Kings and sat down with the Swedish metal band before their show in Chicago last week at the Bottom Lounge.


Have you ever regretted anything in your life before?  I like to consider myself a positive person and I live by the rule of letting your decisions in life mold you into who you are. There are few things…  READ MORE »

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Ensiferum’s Sami Hinkka Interview and Unsung Heroes Album Review

Musicpix guru on all things rockin’ overseas, Doc Metal, checks in with his review of Ensiferum’s upcoming release Unsung HeroesDoc Metal also got the chance to give bassist Sami Hinkka a ring and chat it up about the new album, touring in the States, and proper practice attire.

This year has been really exciting with so many fantastic album releases like Mastodon’s The Hunter and Baroness’ Yellow and Green. …  READ MORE »

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